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Welcome to Unit Two. We are the Robins! 

 Welcome to Robins Class

Children in Year 2, Year 3 and year 4 (pm) are in our class

Mrs. Barnett  is the Robins (Unit 2) teacher.

The teaching assistants in this class are Mrs. Ellison, Ms. Clover and Miss Broadley (PPA Cover)

Summer 1  2021-2022 - Home and Away in Paris 


This half term, we will learning about all things French! Our two texts in English are The Cat Who Walked Across France by Kate Banks and A Walk in Paris by Salvatore Rubino. Our work in the other subject areas will all be linked to these wonderful texts. We will be looking at maps of France, Paris in particular and looking at the famous landmarks there. We will compare and contrast the physical and human geography of the Paris area to an area of the UK. The children will have the opportunity to create some lovely art work inspired by the works of the French artists Paul Cezanne and Henri Matisse.  We will also have a French themed day and have a French cafe where the children will have the opportunity to try French foods and create a healthy French inspired snack. Our science work is all about plants and how they grow. We will be planting lots of seeds in the coming weeks too. 

There will be examples of work and photos to follow in the coming weeks so please keep a look out for our fabulous work. Please see below for an overview of the children's learning for this half term and the yearly overview. 

Thank you!

Mrs Barnett 


Please see below for our half termly and yearly overviews. 



The children have been busy planting cress seeds and sunflower seeds this week. They will test which conditions are the best to make plants grow well. We will also be keeping a plant diary over the coming weeks too to see how they grow. 

The children have looked at the famous landmarks of the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe. They enjoyed doing some observational sketches and drawings from photographs and then they colour mixed the paint. They then painted them using tiny dots and marks, a technique called 'pointillism.' They looked at some examples of this in the works of Georges Seuret and Paul Signac. There will be more lovely art work inspired by French artists in the coming weeks. 


Here are some photos of the lovely work we have done throughout the year.