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Welcome to Unit One. We are the Wrens!


Unit 1

Welcome to Unit 1

Foundation and Year 1  are in our unit 1 class.

Mrs Smith is the class teacher 

Mrs Birdsall is the Cover Supervisor.

Mrs. Whiteley and Mrs Credland are our Teaching assistants. 


Please see our long term plan here:

Our medium term plan is here.


African Music 

We have been having lots of fun listening to African music and exploring the instruments.

Spring Term WOW Start

We have had such an exciting morning in Wrens class! After receiving a letter from Safiyah (who runs a National Park in Kenya, Africa) explaining that she had lost three animals we went on a hunt to see if they had been to Oldfield. When we were outside we found lots of different foot prints, animal poo (with different things in) and a nest with some very big eggs in. It turns out that there has been a lion, an elephant AND an ostrich roaming loose. We then decided it was a good idea to create some posters to put up around school warning others!

National Nursery Rhyme Week

We had a great week celebrating,  'National Poetry Week' . Each day we are learnt Nursery Rhyme and so now we know: The Wheels on the Bus, 5 Little Speckled Frogs, Hickory Dickory Dock, Old Macdonald Had a Farm and Miss Polly Had a Dolly. 

Have a look at the wonderful learning we have been doing in Wrens Class

There have been lots of exciting things going on in Wrens this half term. We have been exploring the story, 'One Snowy Night', reading and following Percy's recipe for his favourite ginger biscuits, building a hut for all of the animals who had nowhere to sleep, creating winter masterpieces and learning about the seasons Autumn and Winter. 


Click on the links below to access some brilliant phonics games and videos: 

Geraldine Giraffe (great for teaching / revisiting sounds):



Jolly Phonics (this clip goes through all of the actions for teaching the phonics sounds):


Phase 2 Phonics Games:





Phase 3 Phonics Games:




Phase 2 and 3 Phonics Games:











Games to help with blending for reading:





Year 1

What are we learning about over the next couple of weeks? 

Addition and Subtraction to 20


Click on the links below to play some games at home: 









We have also be learning to count in 5s

Click on the link below to see how you could continue your learning at home:







What are we learning about over the next couple of weeks?


Alive in 5!

This unit focuses on children understanding the numbers to 5. We will be comparing numbers and exploring the composition of the numbers 4 and 5. Towards the end of the unit we will also be learning about mass and capacity. 


To continue your learning at home you could read some of the following books: 


None the Number - Oliver Jeffers 


Zero is the Leaves on the Tree - Betsy Franco 


A Squash and a Squeeze - Julia Donaldson 


Room on the Broom - Julia Donaldson 


I Spy Numbers - Jean Marzello 


Who Sank the Boat - Pamela Allen 


The Ugly Five - Julia Donaldson 


The Blue Balloon - Mick Inkpen


Or why not place some of these fun number games?